CNC/conventional Milling & turning

We use state of the art CNC programable machines to cut your product to the finest measurements with precision and consistency. Many different materials can be machined on our millers.

break-down repair

We offer a quick turn-around break-down repair


service for industrial requirements such as:


Drive-shaft repair or re-manufacture


Bearing repair/re-Bushing, transitional fittings


from drawing, sketch or sample.


Anodising, Polishing, Chroming, Powder Coating.
Using these processes it is possible to get almost any finish desired to give your product its signature look.

Our staff have a great understanding of CAD-CAM systems and offer a wide range of services from technical drawings to photo-realistic renders and much more...

CAD-CAM Facilities


Custom/replication service

If you need to replace or upgrade an item we've got the full capabilities and facilities to replicate something to its exact measurements.

Our staff can offer MIG welding for both on site and in house production. We have the facilities to fabricate security gates and railings to specific specifications. We also have the capabilities to cut box section tube to specific sizes.